Asylum Seekers

Genuine asylum seekers fleeing persecution or tragic circumstances should be treated with compassion. Australia does have the capacity to offer hospitality to many in need, providing a safe haven and a settled future. But many of those coming by boat, it seems, are not genuine refugees but economic migrants trying to cheat the system, not persecuted or displaced but seeking the life of abundance in an affluent welfare state. This has to be stopped. The only way is with a comprehensive policy that applies all means to thwarting the illegal influx.

Closing the Gap

I am disturbed by the unmet needs of Aboriginal people, and welcome the practical solutions discussed by key indigenous leaders. Warren Mundine’s article on the need for a strategy based on four fundamental principles, of governance, land ownership, social stability and openness, is compelling. Home ownership and indigenous-owned businesses creating indigenous jobs needs to be achieved for social stability and personal responsibility.

The Reality of Mental Illness

Mental illness affects many, not only those troubled by such things as unemployment, homelessness or addiction, but also the young and soldiers exposed to trauma and combat. With the release of the Obsessive Hope Disorder report showing no significant improvement in the nation’s mental health position, greater collaboration in reform and co-ordination of services and policies is needed.

Help Hazel App

As part of this campaign we have developed a Facebook Application which will promote Hazel. It is called Help Hazel

You need to be a pre-existing member of facebook (or sign up) and then you visit the above page. Facebook will ask you to give permission for the app to use your details and post to your page. Once you give permission you are then ok to proceed with the app, and to Help Hazel.

Comment for TMB on the Carbon Tax

Atmospheric warming and cooling occur naturally all the time, and global temperature has been level or cooling gently for the last ten years; and that despite the fact that a quarter of all human emissions of carbon dioxide, over all of history, have occurred since 1998.

Thoughts on Same-Sex Marriage

Thoughts on Same-Sex Marriage.
I believe in marriage as defined in Australian law and will oppose any legislation that will harm or diminish that institution.
Two decisions of the European Court of Human Rights have upheld that marriage is not a human right. Just as a child, or a close relative does not qualify to marry, neither do people of the same sex. This is not discrimination. In 2008 the Federal parliament amended over 80 pieces of legislation to remove any disadvantage against same-sex couples.

Education Policy

Education Policy by Hazel Alley
I am committed to choice in education. We should respect the right of parents to choose a school for their children that reflects values important to them. And both public and private schools must be adequately resourced to enable the delivery of high quality education.

ABC Radio 1 Minute Candidate Introduction

My name is Hazel Alley.
Born in Rockhampton, 7 generations of my family lived in Central Queensland, including my 8 children and their families. My grandfather was an Alderman of the city, and his name is on the Old Bridge.

I spent years as a Salvation Army Officer, lived overseas and travelled extensively,
but came home to Rockhampton with my husband 28 years ago.

Brief Statement of Priorities

Three issues I consider are my top priorities if elected.

1. Dedication to Serve the Towns of Capricornia:
Building relationships, understanding the needs, strengthening the communities and region.
2. Fiscal Responsibility in Government:
Balance the budget, remove carbon costs, reduce cost of living.
3. Protect the Future of Rural Towns:
Keeping families and businesses strong in local communities.


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